Enabling the public sector to save money, innovate and make more effective policy decisions by using space technology and data

SSGP Grant II Call 2014

SSGP made up to £250k available (via the UK Space Agency) for up to 5 projects that contribute towards its Environment Focal Area goals by March 2015.

The SSGP ambition is to help the public sector create sustainable operational services from satellite data and products to enable smarter, more efficient operations, reduce risk and enhance policy making. A key goal is to make use of existing investment in space and allow UK government to become first intelligent customers for satellite products and services that could generate economic growth through export.

This invitation to tender sought proposals to fulfil five key requirements within the SSGP Environment Focal Area. These requirements were selected as a result of a strategic review of the areas where using EO could make the biggest difference in terms of saving money or innovation and where the end users are willing to participate in the studies.

Our successful projects from this competition can be found on our Case Studies page