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Open Call 2017-2018

On 19th December 2017, SSGP announced a call for proposals as part of a new competition. This was an open call for projects in line with the UK Space Agency's growth targets for the sector to increase awareness and stimulate uptake space data and satellite-enabled applications and services within the public sector.

Applicants could choose to submit proposals for feasibility studies or demonstrator projects and could be between 3 and 9 months in duration. The competition closed at 9am on Thursday 1st February 2018 and the assessment took place during February.

The announcement of grant awards can be found here.

To view the call documentation and Q&A's see below:

Announcement of Opportunity
Annex A – Application Guidance
Annex B – Application Form
Annex B – Application Form v2 (Payment Schedule amended to include November) - see Q & A below
Annex C – End-User Letter of Support
Annex D – State Aid Letter of Evidence
Annex E – FAQs
Annex F – Contract Terms and Conditions
Annex G – New Supplier Form
Annex H – Monthly Project Report Template
Annex I – End Report Template

Applicant Queries and Answers while competition is open

Q. Can images/diagrams be included to support submissions?
A. As stated in question 5.2. applicants are welcome to attach images or diagrams. These should be attached on separate pages and should be cross-referenced in the relevant section using the following naming convention: Project Title, Question Number, Image Number (e.g. EO Flood Map, 5.2, Image 1.)

Q. Does text used in images/diagrams count towards the relevant sections’ word count?
A.  To maintain a level playing field between applicants any text used in images/diagrams (e.g. title, names etc.) should only be used to help describe the image/diagram and should not further explain the proposal. Any image/diagram that includes text that is deemed to go beyond this descriptive nature will not be considered.

Q. Can applicants bid for a two phase project (e.g. Phase 1 – Feasibility, Phase 2 – Demonstrator ) as ONE PROPOSAL?
A. No. We would expect the outcome of the feasibility study and the interaction with the intended end user/s to inform plans and approaches for any follow on demonstration phases - the results and implications of which would not be known at the outset of the project.

Q. When will I receive the application reference number and do I need to enter anything into the heading 'Application Reference Number' on all my submitted documents?
A. Application reference numbers will be assigned after all the submitted applications have been collated by the competition administrators once the competition has closed. The reference number should therefore be left blank when the documents are submitted. The competition administrators will update all documents accordingly and the reference number will be emailed to you within a week following competition closure.

Q. If De minimis is €200k, when does the conversion to pounds occur and using which exchange rate?
A. The sterling equivalent is calculated using the Commission exchange rate applicable on the written date of offer of the De minimis funding.

Q. Please can you advise if we are able to include a list of document references (i.e. citations corresponding to scientific papers), with our proposal submission? If yes, would this list be counted against the word count of the proposal?
A. You are able to reference other documents, however the words used to reference these documents will count towards the total word count (as this is automated). It may be worth confirming that the assessors will not be reading any external documentation to the application form.

Q. The ITT states that the company awarded the bid will be required to participate in meetings with SSGP. Please can you advise the number/frequency, duration and location of these meetings so we can include the costs associated with this travel in our proposal.
A. The exact frequency, location and type of meetings will vary from project to project however the expectation is the following:
- Face to face project initiation meeting
- Face to face mid-way progress meeting
- Face to face end of project meeting
- Telephone updates monthly

Q. The Payment Schedule table doesn’t extend to the end of our planned 9 month period (Nov.18), how do we add a new row? Or do all project need to end in October?
A. Apologies as this has been an oversight. A v2 application form has been uploaded. This includes an amended Payment Schedule, inclusive of November. SSGP recommends using the v2 application form for projects requiring November payments. However, applicants who submit 9 month projects on the original application form, where the November payment has been inserted below the table, will not be penalised.