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Dec 2017 - SSGP updates Strategic Themes

19 December 2017 – In 2016, in response to the feedback gathered at the Cross Government Discovery Day and from ongoing engagement with government representatives, SSGP set out to explore public sector requirements relating to two strategic themes – Human Movement and Disaster Risk Management (DRM).

Both topics involve a number of public sector bodies, but after initial scoping workshops were held during the latter half of 2016, it became apparent whilst there was continuing support to pursue Disaster Risk Management as a theme, there was not a natural stakeholder community grouping forming around Human Movement as a topic. These workshops did, however, identify significantly more demand to explore the use of satellite data and services with those providing Emergency Services.

During 2017, following agreement to amend the theme focus, SSGP has been identifying and establishing relationships, working alongside public sector bodies to create opportunities for space to play a role in future procurement activities, identifying end-user needs, gathering more detailed policy requirements and identifying gaps and perceived weaknesses in current service offerings, with a view to improving awareness of these free-to-access services and looking at routes to optimise or improve current capabilities to help overcome barriers and increase the uptake of satellite data and space-enabled services.

We have published an Executive Summary Report in order to clearly set out SSGP ambitions for these two themes and document the key stakeholder groups we shall be working with over the next few years. As many of these stakeholders can be mobilised – often at short notice – and be unavailable for considerable periods of time following an event, our tactical delivery plan must remain flexible and can be subject to change based on wider events. Although the initial competitions we had planned to undertake on these themes have been delayed (due to factors outside our control), SSGP is planning to advertise a number of DRM-related events/initiatives where the public sector, industry and academia can get involved in the coming months.

Please keep an eye on the UK Space Agency website notices, and the Events and Competition pages on the SSGP website, where these opportunities will be advertised.