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Aug 2016 - SSGP Strategic Themes

31 August 2016 – In 2016/17, SSGP is gathering public sector requirements around two strategic themes. These are ‘Disaster Risk Management’ and ‘Human Movement’. These themes are of significant interest to multiple government departments and are areas where delivery could be potentially transformed by increased use or uptake of satellite data or wider satellite applications and services.

User requirements linked to these overarching themes will be initially explored by the SSGP team alongside public sector policy makers and end users from the relevant government departments. These requirements will then be used to inform future SSGP and wider procurement activity. To start this process, we intend to hold a number of interviews and  interactive workshops, which will focus on eliciting and defining individual and common cross-cutting public sector requirements.  

Please contact the SSGP team on our shared mailbox ssgp@sa.catapult.org.uk if you are from a public sector body and would be interested in taking part in these interviews/workshops or would like more information. Industry and academia will be engaged during this process once the initial workshops with Government stakeholders have been held. We intend to run competitions to develop solutions to agreed requirements in future. The details of these competitions will be publicised once the requirements are better defined, with competitions expected to begin from Q2 2017 onwards.