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Natural Hazards Partnership

The Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP) is a partnership between 17 technical and government bodies from across the public sector. It draws on partners’ existing science and impact research, expertise and services to provide a joined-up expert natural hazard advice service to end users. SSGP’s collaboration with the Natural Hazards Partnership builds on the many synergies between the aims of the NHP and SSGP, such as the aim to provide better, more consistent information to the civil contingencies community, emergency responders and the government to enable them to make more effective decisions. Satellite applications offer the potential to enhance existing knowledge and capability to understand an unfolding event in context, and to prevent and prepare for future events.

For example, there is the potential for an integrated approach to the management of multi-hazard events through:

  • The provision of timely monitoring information;
  • Location awareness of staff, assets and fleets; and
  • Communicating in remote locations.

More information about the Natural Hazards Partnership can be found at: http://www.naturalhazardspartnership.org.uk/

Landscape of Natural Hazards Risk Management

The UK is susceptible to a wide range of natural hazards, including flooding, drought, wildfire, air quality episodes, among others. The appetite for satellite derived data and applications for natural hazard risk management is growing all the time. Others in the field are realising what it can offer and becoming increasingly interested in terms of potential savings and more coordinated responses.

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