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ESA ARTES C&G Satcom Applications

The European Space Agency’s ARTES Competitiveness & Growth (C&G) Satcom Applications programme is dedicated to the development of operational services based on the use of Satellite Communications. The ARTES C&G Satcom Applications programme has been created to support applications projects related to satellite telecommunications either originated by industry or in response to specific applications calls from ESA. It aims to improve the competitive position of industry in ESA member states in the field of satellite telecommunications and in their associated utilisation.

  • Overview: The ARTES C&G Satcom Applications programme aims to support the design, development and demonstration of activities in the telecommunications applications areas, aiming at operational, self-sustaining solutions. The programme addresses the use of satellite telecommunications solutions and services satisfying concrete user needs based on industry excellence. In return, the activities also contribute to the sustainability of the overall satellite communications value chain.
  • Competitions: ARTES C&G invites submissions at any time against one of the ARTES C&G Satcom Applications Calls for Proposals, which offer different levels of matched funding depending on the type of organisation involved.
  • Contacts: The ESA Business Applications Ambassador for the UK is Ian Downey (ian.downey@esa.int). Alternatively, please email artes@ukspaceagency.gov.uk.