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Case Study: Geomatic Ventures Ltd - Development of a Space Derived Condition Assessment tool for Critical National Infrastructure Structural Risk Management

General Information

  • Provider: Geomatic Ventures Ltd
  • Technology utilised: Earth Observation (EO) Navigation & Timing (PNT) Position
  • Thematic area: Infrastructure
  • End user(s): Environment Agency , Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
  • Website: www.geomaticventures.com


  • 2018

This grant funded demonstrator project was undertaken in 2018, in response to SSGP's 2017-18 Open Call Competition. 

The major aim of this project has been to demonstrate a cost and time effective procedure utilising satellite-derived data to provide information to aid in the management and prioritisation of site visits, in-situ monitoring and ultimately interventions to structures forming Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) in the UK. As a starting point the work has focussed on examining flood defences situated around the Thames Estuary. Our further aim, in the project, has been to use this study as a basis for demonstrating the technique to other potential CNI end users. Those additional users have specifically included the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) & it’s sub-organisations which have specifically included the Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) Company.

During the project we successfully demonstrated the application of the wide area land movement technology developed and marketed by GVL to highlight areas of particular concern along the Thames Estuary. We also successfully demonstrated the application of higher resolution satellite derived radar data to identify issues with specific flood defences. We found excellent correlation between the results from the wide area screening and the high resolution analyses and further validated the data with other sources. Results were presented to and discussed with the stakeholders who were all impressed and keen to find ways to move forward and incorporate the results into their existing systems. 

The technologies and skills developed during this project are vital in embedding the applications of satellite derived data into the routine monitoring and management of our national infrastructure. Take-up of the technologies will lead to growth through job creation and revenue generation in the downstream sector as well as informing requirements for future up-stream missions.