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Case Study: EO DIP – Pilot Collaboration Node

General Information

  • Provider: JNCC
  • Technology utilised: Earth observation (EO) – optical and radar
  • Thematic area: Environment
  • End user(s): Defra EO Centre of Excellence


  • 2016

This project was co-funded by SSGP and the Defra EO Centre of Excellence.

The Pilot Collaboration Node is a means of sharing geographic information, including earth observation data and products, across the Defra group, its partners, and contractors. It is expected that this will save time and money for each user. It is intended that the node could, in time, also enable users to share software, functionality, and data processing capability.

What data is available through the node?

At present, data holdings include:

  • Ordnance Survey Master Map (UK);
  • Environment Agency’s Integrated Height Map (England, Wales);
  • Forestry Commission’s National Forest Inventory (GB);
  • Centre for Ecology and Hydrology’s Land Cover Map 2007 (GB);
  • Livings Maps for Norfolk;
  • Living Maps for Northumberland;
  • Natural England’s Priority Habitats Layer;
  • Landsat (7 and 8); and
  • ESA’s satellite data from Sentinels 1 and 2;

These datasets were prioritised for use by the EODIP projects, however more are expected over the coming months. The node can hold both terrestrial and marine data.

The data can be accessed through the online interface, through the API, or through OGC services (data streaming and download to local servers, GI software, and other data nodes or portals).

Some of the datasets are available under the Open Government Licence, some under restricted use licences. All are currently available for internal use across the Defra group, partners and contractors.

Who is involved?

JNCC is building the pilot node on behalf of Defra. Currently JNCC, Defra, NE, EA, and Defra GSI (including APHA, RPA, MMO) have access to the node.

Next steps

Developing the node with users to make it fit for purpose and better serve each organisation. Please get in touch to help us improve this service.