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Case Study: ENERGEO - Clean EV

General Information

  • Provider: Energeo Ltd
  • Technology utilised: Earth Observation (EO) Navigation & Timing (PNT) Position
  • Thematic area: Environment Infrastructure Local Authorities and Devolved Administrations
  • End user(s): Bournemouth Borough Council
  • Website: www.energeo.co.uk


  • 2018

This grant funded feasibility study was undertaken in 2018, in response to SSGP's 2017-18 Open Call Competition.  

Over 40% of the population within the EU reside in flats or apartments and would require access to on-street charging infrastructure in order to transition from internal combustion engine to Electric Vehicles. CLEAN EV sought to assess the feasibility of using satellite imagery and Machine Learning to overcome barriers to the widespread roll out of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure in public and on-street locations, via the automated identification and measurement of associated assets and features.  

Energeo discovered that it is possible to automatically extract and measure features - including pavements, on-street vehicles and private off-street driveways – using Machine Learning techniques from satellite imagery. We also discovered that a by-product of the pavement width measure process could be used to identify pavement clutter locations, which provided an additional extremely useful dataset to the end user. 

Electric Vehicle roll out is a global dilemma that must be solved in order to meet climate change and emissions reductions targets. The techniques developed as a result of this feasibility are not only applicable in the UK, and deliver a highly exportable service that can showcase the expertise and skills within the UK Space sector internationally. Energeo are already in discussions with organisations regarding projects in Australia and the USA. 

Next Steps

Energeo anticipate this service to be one that constantly evolves and improves as new data and processing techniques become available. Short-term goals are to test further on different imagery sources, and to assess the feasibility of identifying the type of pavement clutter as well as it’s location. Longer term the company  will integrate with our grid impact tool to enable end users to assess how the power network will be affected by widescale charge point roll out. 

“The funding provided by the UK Space Agency enabled Energeo to create a service that can truly accelerate the transition to electric vehicles both in the UK and Internationally, by providing stakeholders with a critical evidence base on which to build their roll out strategies and funding/grant applications.”