Enabling the public sector to save money, innovate and make more effective policy decisions by using space technology and data

Case Study: Ambiental - AI Satellite Pluvial Flood Forecasting

General Information

  • Provider: Ambiental Risk Analytics
  • Technology utilised: Earth Observation (EO) Navigation & Timing (PNT) Position
  • Thematic area: Infrastructure Natural Hazards
  • End user(s): Transport for London, (TfL), Greater London Authority (GLA), Thames Water
  • Website: www.ambientalrisk.com


  • 2018

This grant funded, demonstrator project was undertaken in 2018, in response to SSGP's 2017-18 Open Call Competition.  

The project aimed to address the lack of reliable, high-precision pluvial flood forecasting, which was especially problematic in cities, by providing live forecasting and event verification within a ‘smart’ mapping service. Gaining access to timely, accurate and relevant alerts was necessary to enable practical steps to be taken, with confidence, which would lower the impact of flooding – either via prevention, or via more efficient response benefiting a wide range of public sector stakeholders as well as the general public.

This project has delivered quality solutions for GLA, TFL and Thames Water that support the aims and objectives of the Space for Smarter Government Programme:

  • by encouraging uptake of satellite enabled EO/PNT technologies and driving rapid, high-volume uptake of data as part of our satellite-enabled service.
  •  by reducing risk, enabling smarter, more efficient operations and enhanced policy making by bringing together several innovative data products, analytical methods and dynamic mapping technologies to help reduce the risks and costs that are currently faced by a wide variety of public sector entities.
  • enabling us to develop closer links with public sector bodies which are only starting to engage with satellite-based data.

Next Steps

Ambiental is working with GLA, TFL and Thames Water to enhance and customise the system’s capabilities and identify where the System could help to provide information to make a real difference to London in the future. The company is working closely with stakeholders to improve on what has already been delivered and intends to do similar for other cities and regions, as well as provide Actionable Intelligence and make a real difference on a wider scale.