Enabling the public sector to save money, innovate and make more effective policy decisions by using space technology and data

Case Studies

SSGP runs regular UK competitions to showcase the benefits that satellite applications can bring to the UK Government. Competition winners from industry and academia usually run a year-long project.

The competitions demonstrate SSGP's brief to:

  • Help the public sector through the creation of sustainable operational services
  • Enable smarter, more efficient operations, reduce risk and enhance policy making
  • Overcome the barriers to using space in the public sector and make more intelligent decisions.

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Name Year Technology Utilised Thematic Area
Telespazio – National Flood Warning & Mitigation Service 2017 Earth observation (EO), Satellite Navigation Natural Hazards
Rezatec – Using Earth observation for efficient and effective peatland assessment (Phase 2) 2017 Earth observation (EO) Environment
EO DIP – Forest Monitoring 2016 Earth observation (EO) – optical and radar Environment
EO DIP – Water Quality Monitoring 2016 Earth observation (EO) – optical and radar Environment
EO DIP – Habitat Condition & Ecosystem Services 2016 Earth observation (EO) – optical and radar Environment
EO DIP – Validation of Rural Payments 2016 Earth observation (EO) – optical and radar Environment
EO DIP – Natural Habitat Management 2016 Earth observation (EO) Environment
EO DIP – Living Maps for biodiversity and natural capital 2016 Earth observation (EO) – optical and radar Environment
EO DIP – Pilot Collaboration Node 2016 Earth observation (EO) – optical and radar Environment
Earth Observation Data Integration Pilot (EO DIP): Overview 2015-16 Earth observation (EO) – optical and radar Environment
This project is a phase 2 follow on project from Rezatec’s phase 1 project. It aims to scale, enhance and commercialise an EO-derived tool to allow the project end-user (Scottish Water) and other organisations that have an interest in peatland, both in Scotland and internationally, to reduce their operational costs in assessing, restoring and monitoring peat within catchments of interest for multiple benefits.
The project aims to track forest stock for downstream industry investment, carbon accounting, biodiversity, given reducing budgets and to streamline regulatory (felling licenses) and plant health activities. The potential of Sentinel 1 (radar) and Sentinel 2 (optical) data use for annual updates is explored.
This project examined how Earth observation-derived information could potentially help achieve savings for the Environment Agency by targeting the location of monitoring sites more efficiently and effectively.
This project aimed to testing how processed Earth observation (EO) data products can streamline monitoring of the over 2,000 grasslands protected in England. Additionally, it will test how these products can be efficiently produced and applied to multiple applications, including habitat condition.
This project involves testing ways to use very high resolution, high resolution, optical, and radar data with more sophisticated processing techniques to identify land use change and additional land uses required by the greening rules.
This project has seen impact with land owner investment in mapping. The application is achievable through integration of very high resolution data that is obtained for Rural Payments; software license sharing through EODIP’s collaboration node. The application is now adopted as a corporate Natural England target.
Living Maps will be created from novel processing methods that will use Sentinel-1 and 2 data together with aerial photography, topographic data, ecological rules, field sources and rapid feedback from community validation.
SSGP and the Defra EO Centre of Excellence are co-funding the development of the Pilot Collaboration Node which is a means of sharing geographic information, including earth observation data and products, across the Defra group, its partners, and contractors.
An EO Roadmap developed with the Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) was published to help Defra realise the unique potential of EO data over the next five years.