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SSGP hosts CrisisHack 2018 Follow-up Workshop

14 August 2018 – the Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) held a workshop bringing together innovative application developers from the CrisisHack 2018 event with key stakeholders from government. The day focussed on developing the flood resilience related ideas that were generated during the 3-day hackathon in April, and identifying their potential for supporting the work of government.  

Presentations were given by the Cabinet Office on opportunities to link with their Resilience Direct platform, and from each of the application teams on their ideas. These included:

  • CCH: An application to make use of Earth observation data to produce rapid risk assessments capable of factoring the priorities of specific end-users.
  • DSTL: An application making use of gaming engines and augmented reality to provide mapping tools to support those evacuating a flooding incident.
  • JFIG & 42 Engineering Regiment: An application able to rapidly identify areas of flooding using simple coding techniques and a phenomenological model able to produce useful outputs from limited data.
  • David Peattie: An application using artificial intelligence techniques on crowd sourced photos of temporary water depth markers to generate flood maps for the resilience community.

Each of the application team’s ideas were discussed, receiving advice, offers of continued government engagement, and signposting to potential funding opportunities.

SSGP is currently undertaking an innovative approach to procuring Earth observation data for government and will be announcing new hackathons and EO data-based competitions from the end of 2018.