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Space Applications Networking Event (SANE19)

The Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) hosted their annual showcase event as part of the wider Space Applications Networking Event at St Mary's Church, London on 30th January 2019. 

Following on from the success of the Agency’s “Would Like to Meet” event hosted in 2017, this event was primarily aimed at the downstream space applications community; providing a networking opportunity for those who wish to engage with and support the sector. It brought together over 400 representatives from across the community. Delegates were able to meet new contacts and engage with current application projects which are supported by the UK Space Agency.

The majority of attendees were from Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), who are using space data and services (Earth Observation (EO), Position Navigation and Timing (PNT) and Telecommunications) within the UK and overseas.  The event offered this large and diverse supplier community an opportunity to meet with funding bodies, application programme leads and the various support networks that are in place to promote downstream application growth, such as Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). 

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, a space scientist whose passion is presenting science to a general audience, took to the stage to give a rousing key note speech to open the event.  As well as lecture theatre sessions throughout the day, attendees were also able to delve into more detail with suppliers in the market stall area, with exhibits on show which included the eight most recent projects funded through SSGP, which concluded in 2018 

Throughout the day, the two lecture theatres hosted six formal sessions, each with a topical applications theme. As well as short project presentations, policy leads from across the UK Government and from international bodies shared their challenges, taking part in panel debates and audience Q&A.  The consolidated presentations from these sessions are available to view at the links below:


'Forestry and Agriculture', 

'Space for Sustainable Development', 

'Oceans and Maritime', 

'Disaster Risk Management


The event provided a fantastic opportunity to share innovation and promote the work of the UK Space Sector. For SSGP, as well as providing a platform to showcase the latest projects, it was also an opportunity to highlight other opportunities available through SSGP – such as our free training course for the public sector who want to know more about using space in policy delivery  and also promote the high resolution EO data access trial and portal  - which is coming soon!

Please see below some quotes and blogs received from those that attended the event;

The UK Space Applications Networking event was a great platform for Rezatec to not only discuss the COMPASS project and network with other space application partners, but to also showcase the project to members of the public. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and it was inspiring to see how diverse and innovative the UK space sector is. Dr Andrew Carrel, Chief Technology Officer, Rezatec.”


We’ve turned the project into a commercially viable brand by moving away from the working project name and devising a brand specifically to appeal to other Local Authorities and organisations with an interest in air pollution and healthy living.  In addition, we proactively capitalised on the trial period by running a full mix digital marketing campaign with emphasis on social media, engaging all partners involved in the project to maximise audience reach.  You can view details of our Breathe Clean campaign here -  https://www.geospatial-insight.com/products/breathe-clean/  - Geospatial Insight


A blog by HR Wallingford can be found here https://tailingsdams.info/2019/02/08/uksa-networking-event/


eOsphere’s Nick Walker said “the Networking event was excellent for picking up tips from other international projects. We’ve already initiated a new monthly SIBELIUs newsletter, which was recommended to us by another IPP project. We think that will be really useful for making sure everyone is kept up-to-date about the project’s progress, especially our partners in Mongolia.” Read more here regarding their day at #SANE19 https://sibelius-mongolia.org/2019/02/06/learning-from-other-international-projects/


You can read Dr Maria Noguer from Institute for Environmental Analytics blog here https://www.the-iea.org/news/


Ambiental Risk Analytics blog can be read here https://www.ambientalrisk.com/disaster-risk-management/ 


SSGP also host regular ‘Introduction to Satellite Applications for the Public Sector’ courses around the UK. The course offers a free, day-long, expert-led session to all public sector workers. The training introduces satellite technologies, their applications and how they can be used to: save money, deliver innovative services, and enable more effective policy decisions. More information can be found here.

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